New regulations to improve rooming house minimum standards

Post Excerpt Updated regulations making rooming houses safer and more comfortable for residents, have come into effect this week. The changes, which became law on 26 February 2023, cover issues including safety, privacy and amenity and follow a public consultation on the Engage Victoria website earlier this year. Key updates include: increasing the frequency of electrical safety checks, to be conducted by a licensed or registered electrician, from once every five years to every two years requiring two power outlets be freely available in residents’ rooms requiring laundry facilities to have one washing machine in good working order, for every 12 residents the introduction of blind cord safety standards to rooming houses. Operators are responsible for installing kits to ensure cords are safe requiring rooming houses to be structurally sound, weatherproof and free from mould and dampness. A transition period of one to two years applies to certain standards to give rooming house operators time to make the required changes to their properties. For more information about the new standards, see our rooming house minimum standards page. A copy of the regulations can be accessed on the Victorian Legislation website. To order a free blind cord safety kit, see our curtain and blind cord safety page.